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    why do you do what you do?

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    I'm Crystal Roberts

    I'm an experienced intuitive energy coach who has helped numerous clients remove their self imposed limitations to reveal their desire and pursue a life of intention.


    For more than 25 years I have had the privilege of working with large companies, international businesses, and start ups in marketing and advertising, helping clients realize their goals. In 2014, I realized my own goal and decided to turn my life-long obsession with self development and all things spiritual into a coaching business.


    I have a wealth of experience to share and I thrive working with clients to unveil what may be in the way of expressing their own truth.

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    Find Your Fabulous

    Virtual Series

    Tuesday, February 5th

    Tuesday, February 12th

    Tuesday, February 19th

    This 3-part workshop guides participants though a process of finding alignment with Self. It points at the epidemic of "not enough" penetrating our world and helps each participant find the truth of where balance and abundance begin – within.

    We will dive into consciousness, energy and the limiting beliefs which keep us from the fabulous nature which already exists at the core of who we are. Contact me if you want to participate in this workshop to align with your fabulous Self.

    Intuitive Coaching

    What's holding you back

    PlayWorkThrive is a process for finding the truth of who you really are. Not the personality you were raised to be but the truth of you. It is an active meditation in being human, accepting the responsibility of your awareness and moving forward intentionally to create a life uniquely suited to you. Contact me if you are ready to explore.


    Energy Reading

    Calling all seekers

    Energy Reading is one of my favorite ways to play!


    As an intuitive, I have the ability to read the energetic signature in the field surrounding you.


    If you would like clarity on a specific question or want to look at your life's purpose, schedule a reading and you will have a complete picture when we are complete. Contact me to schedule a chat.

    Painting a Path to Self

    No experience required

    Creativity is a great way to connect with the larger part of you which is nonphysical. That part of you who always knew how fantastic you are and tries to show you repeatedly but you are too distracted to notice. Contact me if you want to be part of the next series.

    Good Morning Meditation

    Join our regular calls

    We have a tribe of players who like to dial-in for a guided meditation first thing in the morning –7:00am Central Standard Time. If you are interested in joining this group regularly, or for the occasional tune up contact me to get started.

    3-Day Retreat to Self

    UP NEXT – Cedar Lake Texas

    This one-of-a-kind lake house just south of Dallas is the epitome of waterfront luxury.


    Details are being shuffled together now. If you are interested in a 3-day play-date with like minded seekers. Contact me to reserve a space today, this soul journey is limited to 12.

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    Insight to Self

    "Crystal compassionately held a mirror to the parts of myself that were most out of alignment. Her questions marked the trail for my journey inward and her empathy helped me develop the courage to look at what was holding me back from continuing to evolve and thrive.

    Our work provides me with the perspective and tools I use to ground myself and Love. She has a tremendous passion and gift for this work."



    "I am so grateful to be working with Crystal. Our sessions feel most like playing. I feel both grounded and mischievous during our sessions – like anything could happen. It feels like magic but it's actually just Crystal tapping into Source and shining light. Her intuitive gift is making connections. She is great at connecting people, books, resources and ideas. She has connected me to people and tools that have transformed my personal and professional life. The connections are surprising and often challenging, and in each case, they turn out to be exactly what I needed. Crystal's big heart and hunger for expansion inspire me. Her generosity of spirit shows me a world of abundance, ease, and joy."


    Opening to Change

    "This process changes you. Crystal's techniques, her approach to challenges, her infectious attitude, all of these change you. She’s a tremendous coach and teacher. The trust you feel when working through issues is honest and supportive. She knows how to best guide a process of discovery and learning about oneself. Crystal helps strip away the BS and coach toward a greater approach to life which has a compounding effect on attitudes and confidence."


    Reclaimed Self

    "When my husband died I was lost. I forgot who I was after 20 years together. I didn't even know what I loved to do anymore. Crystal helped me remember the truth of who I am. I learned I can create any life I want and it all starts with the conversation with myself, being aware and responsible for the energy I put out in the world. I can honestly say I love my life and that was not the case before our work together."


    Focus & Clarity

    "Crystal helped me through issues that were holding me back from happiness. Her coaching made an incredible impact on my life and provided clarity to move forward. My relationship with my children is full of love, my finances have almost tripled, and the opportunities seem endless for my business. The value her coaching has brought to my life is priceless! There is consistent joy, peace and love in my heart I never thought I could have."



    "As a professional working full-time and mother of 3, I was stuck in a cycle of worry, stress, and anxiety. Working with Crystal opens up my view of what is possible both at work and at home with my kids and husband. I can see how my thinking leads me toward what I want. That concept was not a consideration before our work together. I so appreciate our time together – my family knows my coaching session is my time!"



    "I decided I was done with working in the corporate world but wasn't sure of my next step. Crystal's approach is incredibly supportive and positive. She's great to work with. Her insight was key to kickstarting my career path to align with my purpose."

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